Registering your data on device is very simple! After unboxing your product, open up a browser on any computer or telephone and connect to the web address indicated on the bracelet.

Please note: input the web address directly into your browser’s address bar rather than a search engine (like Google)!

You will be asked for some information which will be registered within a few minutes. It’s all there!

If you have a phone with NFC technology enabled, bring it close to your device with the screen turned on and unlocked. This will speed up the process even further.

Not at all! The system is universal, because it is based on web pages. You do not need to download any apps, which makes truly compatible with any device connected to the Internet. In a split second, all necessary information is available both to whoever finds the lost child as well as to parents. and NFC technology are also compatible with Apple smartphones!
All the latest models (from Xs, Xs Max and Xr onwards) are able to read NFC tags without any need for an app: to scan, simply unlock the iPhone, bring it close to the chip in the bracelet and press on the notification that appears on the screen.

But that’s not all: more recent models starting from the iPhone 7 can also be used with NFC technology. It works very simply: all you have to do is download any application that enables NFC tags to be read and hey presto!

If your iPhone is not yet compatible, that does not stop your device from functioning at all. All you have to do is manually open your web browser and input the website indicated on the bracelet or collar.
Similarly, if, when a lost child is found, the device is not fitted with NFC technology, they can instead connect to the website on the bracelet or collar to call you or send a precomposed text, sending the geolocation notification that you can access on the Safeguard page, to see their last available position.

The Safeguard system is automatically activated when the device that your child is wearing is read by someone.
When your phone vibrates and you receive an instant Safeguard notification, you will be directed to a webpage where you can discover the last available position of your loved ones. You can check the weather conditions and the temperature there too. If one of the more than 50 thousand cameras available throughout the world as part of the Safeguard network is located nearby, you can also see what is happening in the area in real time. You can also turn on Facebook Messenger notifications and receive them on all your devices.
Furthermore, you can monitor the traffic situation and follow the suggested route to reach your child as quickly as possible.

The geolocating takes places when someone finds your child and brings their NFC-enabled phone close to the bracelet or connects to the website specifically indicated on the product. In this case, said person can view and use the call and precomposed message functions. You will receive an instant notification, or an alert on Facebook Messenger on all the devices that you have registered (smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers), or even an e-mail, and you can also check the position of your lost child or animal on the interactive map. After a few seconds, a chat window will automatically pop up to guide you step by step to find your lost child or animal and to immediately initiate contact with relatives.

The other option would be to fit the device with GPS, batteries and subscription or prepaid SIM card readers. However, this would entail additional costs, weight, and the need to recharge the batteries and card, as well as increase the product’s fragility., however, is decisively practical: it barely weighs two grams, it doesn’t need to be recharged, it requires no maintenance, it is only a millimetre thick, it doesn’t require a SIM card, it is waterproof and has no subscription costs.

If found, it sends instant notifications and alerts on Facebook Messenger and shows on the Safeguard page what is happening in the area in real time, if there are cameras belonging to the more than 50 thousand-strong network throughout the world available. It also shows you a step by step guide with the shortest route to reach your lost child!

With the Safeguard instant notification system, any device can communicate with any smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Mac or desktop and laptop computers.
And you don’t need to install any apps! Register the devices on which you wish to receive the alerts: when the bracelet is read, a notification will instantly appear, showing the geolocated position of your child with a sound alert or vibration on your activated phones or computers, at home or at work, whether they are yours or your relatives. Get started today! (iPhones and iPads do not yet support the instant notification system. A notification via e-mail will be sent instead).

If you are registered on Facebook, you can also receive notifications on Facebook Messenger!

You don’t have to pay any subscriptions fees to use!
Once you’ve bought the bracelet, there are no additional costs whatsoever. The Safeguard service, which enables you to geolocate your child or pet when you need to find them, is included forever.

The answer is very simple: request a secure access email from You will receive a link that will lead you directly to your personal area.